How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings for Rituals & Spells


For example, the ancient Egyptians, known for their intricate funerary rituals, used candles and wax to communicate with the deceased. They believed that the flickering flame represented the human soul’s journey through the afterlife. If a spell candle burns blue or blue-white, it is a sign that high spiritual beings have taken an interest in your magick. Red or yellow flame means that more mundane—but still potentially powerful—energy is fueling the spell. The next phase is a normal consolidation (2) and there is nothing to worry about – it’s a natural price rhythm. This is nasty (3) and the high volatility spike probably scared out many traders who watched the candles forming.

  1. This will ensure that the calm flame is completely extinguished and no wax is left burning.
  2. When learning to read candle wax, it is important to observe and note any shapes or symbols appearing in the melted wax as it cools down.
  3. A sudden flickering without that happening usually means another presence has appeared.

Or you could be asking for an outcome that is unlikely or unfavorable in the long run. If the small flame falters or drowns in the melted wax, that is a sure sign that your petition will not be granted at this time. This is a classic trend pattern and many reversal trades start like this. You have the initial pre-trend phase (1) where price moves lower slowly and then puts in a support area and a consolidation; those periods can be noisy and should be avoided. Once the breakout happens (2), candles then suddenly turn red only and momentum accelerates during the downtrend (3). Just looking at the closed candles would have shown you that there is nothing to worry.

How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings for Rituals & Spells

This is most common with large pillars and container candles, but it can also happen with votives and other candle shapes. The melted wax is centered closely around the wick, leaving tall walls of wax on the sides. We all know that physical properties of candles cause them to burn differently from each other. However, one of the most useful conceits in magickal work is that everything is a sign. Once you bring any mundane object into a magickal space, it becomes a tool for understanding. With that in mind, let’s dispense for a while with the chemistry and physics of candle-burning, and get back to the magick.


The power you put behind your intent is ideal, and you’re burning that energy with purpose. The meaning of a steady candle flame is strongly connected to being in a state of peace. The flame provides steady light and a reliable source of warmth. A flickering candle flame means you could be in the presence of spirits. A weaker candle flame means that there’s less energy fueling your intent. That’s alright, and there’s no need to try and increase it directly.

The spell must be completed since only then can you accurately divine the wax. The first step in learning how to read candles is to choose the right one. Different types of candles have different symbolic meanings, so it’s important to select one that reflects your purpose.


Another possible meaning of a flickering candle flame revolves around the energy in your space. Flickering represents how your energetic profile is sporadic and unpredictable. Like the flames causing a mess of brightness and darkness, your auric field is sparking in and out. Being able to interpret candle flame meanings is a highly useful skill for anyone who is interested in understanding the spiritual world around them. If the candle’s wick “sheds” as it burns, it will leave small black crumbs in the wax.

Again, you can see that price rarely just completely reverses but there are usually sudden clues that build up over time. The trend in example 1 is the textbook example but not always do we get such a nice pattern and there it’s even more important to read the structure. If you are looking for ways to practice awakening your psychic powers, this is a great place to start.

If the wax only drips on one side, see the above directions for what is out of balance. If the flame or smoke is consistently moving in one direction, you should take note. A strong flame is characterized by being tall and slender without dancing or flickering. A tall still flame means that everything is going according to plan.

You’re probably already using candles in your own spiritual practice, so why not ensure you’ve got the right colors to work with your intention? Whether you want to call in love, abundance, or protection, there’s a candle color (and a ritual) for that. Another possible meaning of a candle flame that’s too high is that you’re holding back a lot of power behind your intentions. That could mean that you have tons of untapped potential just burning below the surface. The actions represent passionate energy and potentially volatile intentions. This candle flame likely means that you’re frustrated with someone in your life or are in the midst of a crossroads.

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While not yet overwhelming, it could challenge you in the future. Like a jumping flame, your energy can quickly spiral and cause destruction if not carefully managed. The typical interpretation here is that you must learn to be patient to reap your rewards. They provide valuable insight, and it does not take much time to learn how to properly use one for…

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The bullish engulfing is a combination of a red candle and a blue candle that ‘engulfs’ the entire red candle. It is an indication that it could be the end of a currency pairs established weakness. A trader would take advantage of this by entering a long position after the blue candle closes.

Give this some thought before writing, since changing what you’ve written can confuse the response. You want to be very clear and precise in forming your question. You should open a protective circle the same as you would for any spellwork. You will then assume a comfortable position and spend a few minutes in meditation to clear your thoughts and energy field.

If you’re stuck on a particularly tricky candle flame, feel free to ask us! We’re always happy to connect with our readers and lend a hand. Things can change at any moment, but the key is to notice the general actions of the fire. In this case, the flame is extending beyond its realistic means. There’s no rhyme or reason other than its pure drive to shine bright!

Tea Leaf Divination (also called Tasseography) is a traditional method of divination that allows the reader to examine symbols found in the patterns of tea leaves. You want to close your circle when you are finished with your scrying. You will need to set the white candle in its holder and light it as part of your cleansing ritual.

The color black has an association with protection, and this is true for black candles as well. Black candles are also used to destroy negative habits and patterns, she says. The meaning of a flickering candle is, perhaps, one of the most perplexing. candle readings and meanings As mentioned earlier, flickering flames share an inherent connection with the spiritual realm. Sputtering candles act similarly to popping or crackling candles. The experience is nearly identical, involving audible sounds and flickering light.

Webster writes that a weak flame will produce weak results. It could also be a sign that the spell is wrong, especially if it flickers. It might mean that your timing is off, or your spell needs more work before it can be powerful enough to complete your intent. Grove and Gotto advise that a sporadically burning flame that dances about is indicative of a spell that has the power to work, but not without possible problems. The interpretation depends on other factors, such as the flame being tall or short. It could mean resistance; the higher the flame jumps, the greater the resistance, according to Spiritualists at Original Botanica.