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Liability exemption at New88 is one of the policies that plays a very important role. Before using entertainment services at the house, players need to grasp all the regulations in the house”s policies. Only then can players avoid violations and not make mistakes.

What is the definition of liability exemption at New88?

Liability exemption is now one of the policies with great influence, on par with the terms and regulations of the house”s apparatus. The provisions of this policy are intended to limit unnecessary situations. That”s why when New88 offers these terms, it is completely reasonable.

The reason New88 bookmaker offers a no-liability policy

Reason for the policy

The no-liability policy plays an important role in ensuring, stabilizing and showing the professional operation of the house. The information is presented clearly and specifically and members always commit to complying with regulations when using entertainment services on the web.

In addition, this policy also helps the house minimize the risks of all aspects of its business operations.

Policy goals

The goal of this policy is to ensure absolute and clear safety in each form of online betting at the house. At the same time, using these policies also creates fairness and can protect the interests of both players and bookmakers.

What does the liability exemption policy contain?

Below are some typical contents of the liability policy:

Age requirements

Bookies almost always require the player”s age to be 18 years or older when joining the house. New88″s liability policy will apply in cases where players intentionally provide incorrect information about age and date of birth.

You should accept risks in betting

When participating in online betting games, players need to learn how to accept risks if they lose bets. Winning and losing when playing games is normal.

Secure user information

User information needs to be kept confidential

Players should not reveal their account to anyone. The house always recommends that players protect their own account information. If you arbitrarily disclose it to others and lose your account, the player must take full responsibility.

The risks are not related to the house

If the following cases occur, the house will be exempted from liability:

  • Arbitrarily giving your account to someone else.

  • Players lose accounts due to clicking on links not issued by the house. Players should note that they should only access official links issued by the house. Be wary of fake websites to avoid having user information stolen, or being infected with viruses when clicking on fake links.

What responsibilities do users need?

If players do not want to violate the content specified in the liability policy, they should note the following important provisions:

  • Must be 18 years old to register an account

  • Players can only use one account, registration information must be clear.

  • Don”t cheat while betting. If detected by the house, the player”s account will be permanently locked.

The no-liability policy is made public, transparent and detailed by xổ số New88, helping players easily understand the house”s regulations.