Penn State and National Taiwan Normal partner for Chinese language program Penn State University


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Find out how outsourcing can work for your firm, book a 15-minute strategy call by completing the form and we’ll get back to you. If you have a role in mind that you can’t seem to find, speak to one of our trusted local team members below. We’ll help you map out an accounting career path that unlocks your potential. Be uniquely yourself, empowered to pursue career goals while enjoying the work-life balance so essential to your growth. Rishi Ram, partner at Optima Accountants, talks to us about setting up his offshore team, how he went about the offshoring process, and hiring a candidate from the TOA Global Accelerator Program.

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This event featured speakers from renowned global institutions and attracted nearly 500 faculty and students, highlighting the enduring partnership between the two universities. The history of collaboration between Penn State and NTNU is deeply rooted, dating back to 1953. In 1998, a formal partnership was established between Penn State’s College of Education and NTNU, and in 2013, the Institute of Research Excellence in Learning Sciences solidified this mutual academic exchange. Meanwhile, in January 2022, the collaboration between Penn State and NTNU reached a significant milestone through the inauguration of the Huayu Best exchange between PSU and NTNU.

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The Huayu Best exchange marks the start of a sustained, international partnership supporting Mandarin Chinese studies in the Department of Asian Studies. If you are looking for something different we’re always adding to our team. Working here means I won’t have to worry about a sudden avalanche of layoffs because our company understands how to build a sense of security and care for its people. With market-leading salaries (improve your burn rate!), work-life balance, and access to a wealth of free resources, tools and training. toa global Careers offers market-leading salaries (improve your burn rate!), work-life balance, and access to a wealth of free resources, tools and training.

The company also taught me how to work with a purpose and keep a strong drive to succeed. That and the fact that I’m part of a positive and hardworking team inspire me even more to step up my game and do a great job every day. We have a free and detailed outsourcing strategy tailored to your exact needs below. Having worked alongside our highly skilled professionals, Shaina has developed strong financial acumen. This couples with her time alongside her international team, which has also helped her to develop a global mindset and diverse perspective on the industry.


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An increasing number of Democrats privately indicated that they would support Speaker Mike Johnson’s measure. In December 2022, a delegation led by Professor Yung-hsiang “Frank” Ying, executive vice president from NTNU, visited Penn State. The delegation sought to deepen bilateral collaborations between Penn State and NTNU.

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This daily educational program combines classroom language learning with co-curricular activities, offering a holistic approach for students to improve their Chinese language while gaining an insight into the Taiwanese culture. With experience from having partnered with many accounting firms across the U.S., including Texas, California, Nebraska, New York, and Florida, TOA’s specialists can create an offshoring strategy especially for your firm. is a holistic outsourcing solution for accounting and bookkeeping firms large and small across Australia, New Zealand and North America. Our teams of Philippines-based finance specialists seamlessly fill over 100 roles in local time zones. We have support staff in all the regions we serve, to build strong relationships with clients and team members. For newly minted grads like me, working for a company that either lays the groundwork for career progression or supports continuous education is the real deal.